Our Web Apps

Check all remotely-hosted web tools and get the ones you need for your website!

  • Availability Calendar

    Our online availability calendar will enable you to create an unlimited number of calendars for all kinds of scheduled services. This simple PHP-based multi-user availability calendar script will fit into any type of site.

    • Multi-calendar Support
    • Half-day Availability
    • Calendar Access Control
    • Status Colors
    • Calendar Appearance
    • Multiple Languages
  • Online Event Calendar

    Get our event calendar script and display events on your site! This PHP event calendar is a great event management plug-in for any website. The web calendar supports recurring events, multiple layouts and views.

    • Multiple Calendar Views
    • Recurring Events
    • Event Location
    • Calendar Themes
    • Fast Loading Pages
    • Calendar Data Export
  • Online Restaurant Menu

    Integrate an Online Restaurant Menu software into your website and present your dishes tastily! Create countless categories (salads, soups, meat, desserts, etc.), add multiple dishes to each of them, set portion sizes and prices.

    • Menu Categories & Items
    • Portion Sizes & Prices
    • Special Offers
    • Cross-domain Integration
    • Multiple Languages
    • Responsive & Varied Design
  • Online Survey Tool

    Run and manage your web surveys using our smart online survey tool! Embed the survey script front-end into your website and conduct various polls with ease. Get to know your visitors or clients and improve your business!

    • Surveys Management
    • Questions & Answers
    • User Profiles
    • Registration Options
    • Survey Design
    • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Web Poll

    Create your online polls and embed them into your website with our online poll script. Include multiple-choice questions, schedule polls, limit votes and customize poll appearance. Then see total votes and analyze the stats.

    • Create Unlimited Polls
    • Single & Multiple Answers
    • Smart Poll Scheduling
    • Voting Statistics
    • Multiple Languages
    • Spam Protection