Our Web Apps

Check all remotely-hosted web tools and get the ones you need for your website!

  • Appointment Booking System

    Add an easy appointment scheduling software on your website and facilitate the booking process essential for your business! Manage appointment calendars, individual schedules, services, and rates with ease!

    • Appointment Bookings
    • Automatic Schedule Update
    • Mobile-friendly Design
    • Invoicing Module
    • Confirmations and Reminders
    • Detailed Reports
  • Bus Booking Software

    Let your clients book bus tickets on your website using our online bus booking system! The bus ticket reservation system will automate the online ticket purchasing process, boost sales, and retain customers!

    • Bus Seats Booking
    • Bus Routes
    • Rates & Tickets
    • Payment Methods
    • Email & SMS Notifications
    • Booking Reports
  • Car Parking System

    Online car parking system designed to make it easier for people to book parking spaces online. Enhance customer experience by enabling them to buy extra services and pay online both from home or on the go.

    • Simple Bookings & Payments
    • Flexible Pricing Management
    • Extra Services
    • System Notifications
    • Responsive Layout
    • Cross-Domain Integration
  • Car Rental System

    A powerful online car rental software designed to meet the specific needs of rent-a-car owners looking for an easy-to-use web solution that will let them manage their fleet and process reservations straight on their website.

    • Simple Car Management
    • Car Bookings Management
    • Rent-a-car Automation
    • Online & Offline Payments
    • Extra Services
    • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Event Booking System

    Automate bookings and payments on your website with our intuitive event ticketing system! Promote countless events, add multiple ticket types, upload seat maps, manage bookings, and process various payments.

    • Customize Events
    • Manage Bookings
    • Event Tickets
    • Invoice Management
    • Promo Codes
    • Flexible Payments
  • Hotel Reservation System

    Our PHP-based online hotel reservation system provides a powerful room booking management functionality and allows you to install a simple call-to-action tool on your hotel website to boost conversions and bookings.

    • Accept Bookings Online
    • Manage Hotel Rooms
    • Control Price Rates
    • Edit Booking Form
    • Offer Special Promos
    • Process Online Payments
  • Property Rental Calendar

    Show availability and accept property reservations on your website with our smart PHP property rental calendar! Enable guests to reserve multiple properties online and process various types of payments.

    • Property Calendars
    • Bookings Management
    • Extra Services
    • Coupons & Discounts
    • Email & SMS Notifications
    • Flexible Payments
  • Restaurant Reservation System

    Get a smart restaurant booking system and embed it into any website! With the table reservation system, you can adjust the booking process, enable clients to book a table online, manage restaurant availability, and reservations.

    • Simple Online Bookings
    • Reservation Management
    • Interactive Restaurant Map
    • Online Voucher System
    • Various Payment Methods
    • Mobile-friendly Design
  • Service Booking Software

    The service scheduling software is suitable for websites offering a wide range of services online. Once installed, the service booking system will enable you to present all your services in details, show availability, and manage online bookings.

    • Present all services
    • Manage online bookings
    • Add working time
    • Process online payments
    • Send notifications
    • Mobile-friendly design
  • Time Slots Booking Calendar

    PHP appointment booking calendar allowing clients to schedule appointments with different service providers. The time slot calendar is suitable for both individual and group appointments.

    • Configure Time Slots
    • Manage Working Hours
    • Book Group Appointments
    • Accept Deposit Payments
    • Time Slot Pricing
    • Invoice Creator