About Brolmo

Brolmo enables webmasters and website owners to use remotely hosted versions of some of PHPJabbers most popular tools on any site. Learn more about our concept and the company behind us!
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What is Brolmo?

Brolmo is your online resource for SaaS web applications. We are trusted by thousands of small business owners and individuals to deliver, host, and maintain interactive web tools on their business websites, blogs, and personal websites.

  • No complex installations

    Using a few lines of HTML code, you can easily integrate any Brolmo application into any web page. All apps are fully web-based and hosted on STIVASOFT's servers.

  • No software licences

    Just sign up for free and pay small monthly or yearly subscription fees. You can customize the apps' appearance and settings through your Brolmo account.

  • No technical worries

    If you need help, we are here to support you! Our friendly customer service agents will meet you halfway and sort out all issues and difficulties you may come across.

Powered by STIVASOFT

STIVASOFT is a full-service web development company that prides itself on a decade-long market experience and 30,000+ loyal customers. We are a united team of web developers and tech geeks devoted to creating comprehensive web-based business solutions. Except for Brolmo, STIVASOFT stands behind the brands: 

  • PHPJabbers
  • VEVS
  • GeekyCorner

We deliver high-quality web apps, custom-made software, SaaS solutions, and fully-featured websites for selected vertical markets. True to our credo that knowledge must be shared, we also offer a wide range of free tools and webmaster resources to support the web development community.

Facts & Stats

  1. 2006

    Online since

  2. 210,000+


  3. 12+

    Web apps

  4. 40,000+

    Registered users

  5. 6 AM - 6 PM (GMT)

    Free support (on weekdays)

Extra Services

  • Custom Modifications

    Custom Modifications
    In addition to our ready-to-use web applications, we can deliver all types of customizations necessary to attune a product to your specific needs. Contact us!
  • Website Integration

    Website Integration
    If you have any difficulties integrating our remotely hosted web tools into your website, you can always turn to our helpful customer support! Contact us!

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