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Run your own campaign to gather users' opinion with Brolmo FREE Web Poll application – remotely hosted voting system for creating multiple-choice polling questions.

Brolmo FREE Web Poll allows you to easily create, manage and embed online poll onto your website. Using a simple and intuitive user-interface you can create poll and measure votes. Brolmo Free Poll script is installed on a remote server and is fully maintained by StivaSoft. To have the poll on your website you only need to insert a small piece of HTML code into the body of your web page. Register your account now and start using all Brolmo web applications for free.
Please note that details on the subscription plans vary per application and can be viewed once registered.

Brolmo Web Poll Samples

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Web Poll Features

  • Manage Question & Answers Use a simple and intuitive user interface to create web poll - ask a question and add the possible answers.
  • Customize Your Web Poll Customize your online poll by changing skin, titles and the poll size. Hide results or remove Brolmo tag line.
  • Translate Titles Using your account you can translate all titles and buttons of your web poll.
  • Enable Start/Stop Date Set start / stop date of your campaign. Just tick the box and set the time.
  • Multiple-vote Protection Use IP address or cookies to prevent miltiple-user voting.
  • Simple Integration Code Just insert a small piece of HTML code into the body of your web page.

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Testimonials about Brolmo Poll Application

“I am always looking for ways to improve the look of my website and drive traffic to it. I knew my site was missing something so I started searching around and that's when I came across this web poll script and I immediately knew that was exactly what I was looking for.
I have only had the online poll up for a few days and I can already see a big increase in traffic. I have had many compliments about my site. Thank you!”

Al Morales

“I am very glad that I found web poll php script by Brolmo on the web. I was looking for a suitable poll application for my new web site for a whole week. Stivasoft guys where the only ones who consulted me and answered all my questions quickly. The web poll script works fine. It is very easy to install and manage all my online polls. Great job!!!”


“I am writing to express my very sincere thanks and real appreciation for the excellent web applications you have made available to website developers.”

John Redman