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Brolmo FREE Guestbook Script – remotely hosted web application which helps you to create, manage and integrate guestbook into your website.

A Free GuestBook application which can be used with no programming experience. Manage all website comments and postings with Brolmo guestbook! Create your account with Brolmo and you are ready to go. Brolmo Guestbook script is installed on a remote server and fully maintained by Stivasoft. Insert a small piece of HTML code into your web page and the Guestbook application will appear on the page. Using a simple user interface you can customize your guestbook by changing various options, such as guestbook layout, button title, timezone, postings position and comments per page, or edit comments and postings, and more. Register your account now and start using all Brolmo web applications for free.
Please note that details on the subscription plans vary per application and can be viewed once registered.

Brolmo GuestBook Samples

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Guestbook Features

  • Manage User Comments With Brolmo guestbook script manage user comments; approve/disapprove comments.
  • Set Guestbook Size & Layout Customize your guestbook by changing the size and choosing among six different layouts.
  • Comments Order & Position Set comments order, number of comments per page and form position.
  • Multi-language Support Six languages are supported from the Brolmo Guestbook script.
  • Captcha Protection Guestbook script uses captcha to prevent automated software to post on your website.
  • Simple Integration Code Just insert a small piece of HTML code into the body of your web page.

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