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Use Brolmo Event Calendar Application to highlight events & developments on your website. Create, manage and embed event calendar with Brolmo account.

Brolmo FREE Event calendar allows you to easily create, manage and embed event calendar onto your website. Using a simple user-interface you can create and customize your website event calendar. Brolmo Free Calendar script is installed on a remote server and fully maintained by StivaSoft. To have the event calendar on your website you only need to insert a small piece of HTML code into the body of your web page. Register your account now and start using all Brolmo web applications for free.
Please note that details on the subscription plans vary per application and can be viewed once registered.

Brolmo Event Calendar Samples

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Event Calendar Features

  • Manage Events Manage events through a simple, intuitive and responsive user interface.
  • Customize Calendar Change the calendar colors, time & date format, font style and size.
  • Set Website Calendar Size Set custom calendar size to make the calendar fit your web page.
  • Multi-language Suppor tSix languages are supported from the Brolmo Event Calendar script.
  • Multiple Events Create multiple events per day with Brolmo Event Calendar script.
  • Simple Integration Code Just insert a small piece of HTML code into the body of your web page.

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Testimonials about Brolmo Event Calendar

“Hello Stivasoft,
Just wanted to say that I love your event calendar script. I had it up and running on my website within a few minutes, even after changing the look and feel to match my website.
Excellent Job!”

Hamid Abugideiri

“This web calendar application is awesome - very easy to setup, customize, and put into use! It's exactly what I was looking for when one of my client's requested an event calendar for their website. On top of all of that, the support for the script is top notch - any question or issue I had was not only answered quickly but solved too!”

Scott Bergmann

“Your website event calendar is better than you have advertised. I think you are underselling the product by the way you have presented its features on the internet. Your event calendar script had the exact capability that I was looking for!”

Chuka Momah