Free Availability Calendar

Use Brolmo Availability Calendar application to show availability on your website. Create, manage and embed availability calendar onto your website with Brolmo account.

Brolmo FREE Availability Calendar allows you to easily create, manage and embed availability calendar onto your website. No installation and coding experience required! You can create web calendars, customize calendar colours and manage availability through a simple, intuitive and responsive user interface. Brolmo Free Calendar script is installed on a remote server and fully maintained by StivaSoft. To have the availability calendar application on your website you only need to insert a small piece of HTML code into the body of your web page. Register your account now and start using all Brolmo web applications for free.
Please note that details on the subscription plans vary per application and can be viewed once registered.

Brolmo Availability Calendar Samples

1 Month    3 Months    6 Months    12 Months

Availability Calendar Features

  • Manage AvailabilitySet available and booked dates on the calendar through your account.
  • Customize Appearance Change the web calendar colors, time & date format, font style and size.
  • Change Over Dates You can show half day availability by checking Change Over Dates option.
  • Multi-language Support Six languages are supported from the Brolmo Availability Calendar script
  • Show Color Legend Show color legend to explain the meaning of your availability calendar colors.
  • Simple Integration Code Just insert a small piece of HTML code into the body of your web page.

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Testimonials about Brolmo Availability Calendar

“Hi. Just installed your availability calendar script on our site and have to say it was just what we were looking for being easy to set up. In a word - "brilliant".”


“Just a few lines to say how happy I am with availability calendar application. It's very versatile and well thought out. I found that changing the colour and size settings so that the availability calendar blended in with the rest of my website was really straightforward and I'm very pleased with the final result. Also I'm pleasantly surprised to discover how easy the automatic updating and resetting of the "booked/available" status is. At this stage I have only one tourist cottage, but I understand that should I want to expand, I can use the availability calendar again.”

John Willetts

“Thank you! Availability calendar is now active on my website. I am very pleased with how the website calendar looks and it's so very easy to update. Again, many thanks for your help and your patience.”

Angela Bednar

“The availability calendar applicaton is brilliant, easily the best I've seen. Many thanks.”

Nina Lacey